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Preacher Of The Gospel

Jason is a preacher of the gospel. He runs Royal Blood Ministries a street preaching and mission group that spread the gospel in the Uk and other lands..He is an expository preacher influenced by Dr M Lloyd Jones.He is also an apologist using the Francis Schaeffer method of defending the faith.Jason is Reformed Calvinist but influenced by the  revival movement of George Whitfield and The Weslies.Jason holds to the FIEC statement of faith , the Westminster Standards and the Nicea creed. He practices evangelical unity wishing to work with any group that holds to the fundamentals of the faith. Jason is against evolution and thinks that evangelicals should stand against this in the church and we should teach creationism. Jason seeks to call evangelicals back to true Biblical Revival .Jason stands against political correctness and calls the nation back to Biblical Ethics.He believes God has a plan for Israel and the Jews,that the Jewish people will come back to the Lord Jesus  in a great revival. He does not agree with dead orthodxy but holds to the need of the  Power and Gifts of the Holy Spirit in life and ministry. Jason is influenced by the Early Church Fathers,The Reformers and The Puritans. He has a love for Muslims and specializes in apologetics to Muslims.